Letterpress is a very creative technique that allows participants to be aware of the importance of each element of a composition. Participants will learn to safely handle and print from fragile antique wood type. We will cover some tips and tricks to make old wood type print well and also cover metal types. Participants will learn how to use the etching press to get the best quality prints and playing with the possibilities of working color in layers. No prior experience is necessary to take this course!



Explore one of the most versatile printing techniques taking our Screenprinting course! This technique allows creating a wide range of results and effects by cutting, painting and transferring images or even your own photos. Because of the simplicity of the application process a wider range of inks and dyes are available for use in screenprinting than in any other printing technique.

Test your creativity with this experimental technique that gives you the possibility of printing on a wide variety of substrates including paper, fabrics, paperboard and many other materials, as well as substrates of any shape, thickness and size. No previous experience required


Residents in Action!

International and national residents are welcome to our new art space ArtResident. Our unique space in the heart of Barcelona offers art training for advanced artists and guides inexperienced practitioners who wish to experiment and learn new art techniques.

Take a look at our variety of courses and choose the one that challenges you the most! Or just purchase our ArtResident Card which allows you to create your own art projects based on the atelier system. Self-manage your sessions according to your own working rhythm and time availability!  

Japanese Woodblock Printmaking

The Japanese technique of woodblock printmaking is very different to the Western technique. While in the Western tradition, oil-based ink is applied with a roller and printed onto the papers surface often with the help of a press, in the Japanese tradition the water-based ink is applied with a brush and, while being printed by hand, is pressed deeply into the absorbent Japanese paper.

This workshop offers an insight into one of the most ancient and subtle print processes. Practitioners will be introduced to this fascinating medium through demonstrations of printing and cutting techniques. Following that there will be ample opportunity to explore the medium, cutting blocks and printing in layers of colour. No previous experience required.


Woodcut is a simple yet powerful print medium process. Learn to cut your own images into wood or linoleum and experience the different effects that inking up with colour can produce. 

During the course practitioners will be introduced to the various materials to print. You will learn to use cutting tools, transfer images to block and print using an etching press. This course is very hands-on, very practical and fun! No previous experience is required.