The monotype technique enables artists and practitioners the ability to create rapid, seductive imagery and provides an ideal method for testing new ideas and playing with negative spaces.

The workshop will explore monoprint  with an etching press and will include the use of multi-layered opaque and transparent rollups, stencils for positive and negative impressions and direct positive and negative mark making. The workshop is open to both experienced practitioners and beginners.



Residents and participants will learn collagraph plate making by creating a collage experimenting with non-traditional materials using different textures and colors. Test your imagination using different types of materials such as wallpaper, feathers, leaves, fabric, etc. Almost any material with texture can be collaged!

This technique allows participants to explore different printing possibilities since collagraph can be printed as a blind emboss or as relief print. The techniques taught in this class are quick and effective, using materials that have a low environmental impact and are readily and affordable. This class will teach how to prepare and make collagraphs, how to ink and print tonally and in color. No prior experience is necessary


Etching Courses

Etching is seen as an extension of drawing. This technique has a long and varied history and can produce prints with great detail, richness and texture. This course is an opportunity to learn and explore various etching techniques under the guidance of an experienced tutor.

Practitioners will discover the possibilities of the medium working with hard and soft grounds. You will work with metal plates and acid to create a range of images, textures and lines. The aquatint etching process, which produces a range of flat tones, will also be explored! No prior experience is necessary.